Seniors! Here are your next steps:

Hola Seniors!

I hope you had a great holiday break and first month of your Spring semester! By now you should have A.) Applied to college B.) Applied for Financial Aid and C.) Have been monitoring ALL college accounts to make sure you aren’t missing any documents.

If you haven’t done ALL of these steps, STOP and go back to complete them in that order.

College applications can be found by Googling that college and freshman admissions. Follow their instructions. For Financial Aid, if you have a Social Security Number, make a username at first and then complete the application on If you don’t have a SSN, there is a paper Financial Aid application for the state of Texas. Contact me at and I can help you with that.

Okay, now to the….. drumroll……

Yay! Get SO excited! You are are on the downward slope to high school graduation! YAAASSSS!!!

But before you get there, you do have more steps to complete for college to make sure that you have a seamless transition.

So because this is a lot and I know that it is a lot, I’m going to break these down into two posts. Next week I will go in depth on 1-3 and the following week we will go over 4-6.

Get started with what you can and I will see you next week!