Community/Junior Colleges

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So today I’m going to step back a bit and start a couple of posts on the types of colleges that are out there. Today, we will briefly go over what a community or a junior college is.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition for both are as follows:

Community College –  a 2-year government-supported college that offers an associate degree

Junior College – an educational institution that offers two years of studies corresponding to those in the first two years of a four-year college and that often offers technical, vocational, and liberal studies to the adults of a community

In addition to these definitions, most community/junior colleges will offer technical certificate options. Certificates can be 8-10 month programs while associate degrees are typically 2 years. Programs that are commonly found at these schools are: Welding, Air Vac Technician, Aviation Technician, Automotive Technology, Medical Assistant, LVN, Dental Hygienist, and many many more.

Some students also choose to do “the basics” and then transfer to a 4 year university to finish their degree. The basics,  also known as the academic core, is the common English, math, history, and science classes that are required by most degree plans at the 4 year universities.

Ayuda financiera para estudiantes sin encuentros sociales


Ha pasado un tiempo desde que publiqué y me disculpo. Volviendo a hablar de ayuda financiera. Si no tiene un SSN, todavía hay ayuda estatal disponible en algunos estados. Texas es un estado que ofrece ayuda a los estudiantes que no tienen contactos sociales, pero si no vive en Texas, verifique cuáles son sus opciones. Me gusta la profundidad de este sitio web, pero definitivamente no es el más actual, así que visite

En Texas, la solicitud se llama “TASFA” y es la Solicitud de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes de Texas. La aplicación se actualiza cada año y se puede encontrar en línea en inglés y español. Descarga aquí:

TASFA en Ingles:

TASFA en Español:


Financial Aid for Students without Socials


It’s been a while since I have posted and I apologize. Back to talking about financial aid. If you do not have a SSN, there is still state aid available in some states. Texas is a state that offers aid to students who do not have socials but if you don’t live in Texas, check to see what your options are. I like how in depth this website is but it is definitely not the most current so check around:

In Texas, the application is called the “TASFA” and that stands for the Texas Application for Student Federal Aid. The application is updated every year and can be found online in both English & Spanish. Download here:

TASFA in English:

TASFA in Spanish:

Financial Aid – What is this & why is it important?

“Financial Aid” aka “FAFSA” aka “How am I going to pay for college?”


Last year I did a parent presentation titled “Financial Aid & Other Scary Things.” I think this theme is still appropriate seeing as it’s October and Financial Aid can be super scary and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

I always ask my students, “how many of you have $20,000 to just give away?” The answer is almost 90% no one. That’s because college is expensive no matter if you’re going for 1 year or 4 years. It costs money that we would miss if we had to part with it all at once.

This is where financial aid comes in. Financial Aid is grants, scholarships, work study and loans that can be offered in any combination to the student. These offers come in “award packages” and will combine available monies from the federal & state governments as well as the college.

To apply for financial aid, students with a Social Security Number can complete the online application by 1. Creating a username at A student and 1 parent will need this username as long as they have a SSN. Then 2. the student can go to fill out the online application at


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Just wanted to do a quick test on this blog before I let loose and blog on all things college admissions related.

Solo quería hacer una prueba rápida en este blog antes de relajarme y bloguear sobre todas las cosas relacionadas con los ingresos a la universidad.