College Applications

So we are finally at that point….the point that your whole entire life has been leading up to. Every time you dressed up for career day or someone asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” All of that has led up to now…the actual first real step to starting your future.

Whether that is becoming a doctor, a welder, an educator, mechanic, or architect, applying to a college of your choice officially starts the ball rolling on your future with Step 3!

It doesn’t matter what kind of post secondary education you are getting (bachelor’s, associate’s, or a certificate), they all start with an application. There are 3 ways to apply to college.

First things first, and it may seem basic, but you have to make accounts with for any of these that you use. To make the accounts you need a working email.

WORKING EMAIL: a professional email (think some variation of your name and not that you CAN GET INTO. You know the password, you more than likely have the email account set up on your phone and you can receive and send emails from it in real time.

***********If you don’t have a working email, backtrack and set one up first. I recommend a Gmail account because I have a lot of these for different purposes and they work wonderfully.************

Once you have a working email, set up the account that you need and SAVE THAT INFORMATION. If you have a college journal where you keep all the info put it in there or put it in your notes, or you can even email yourself the login information. Just make sure that you don’t lose this info.

From there, you can start working on the application itself. When applying make sure you read the following:

In the application it will ask what semester you are starting school and you will select Fall 2020 (unless you have a special circumstance: military, late graduation, etc.). You will also select your major at this time.

Each application will ask for different information but usually its your biological info, involvement, class schedule, and possibly an essay. Just continue to work your way through the application and

MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR PROGRESS VERY OFTEN (there is nothing more frustrating than having a wifi glitch and loosing all your progress)

This is where we will stop for today. Most students can figure it out from here but I will do a more in depth review of the applications next week.


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