So it’s high time that I do an in-depth explanation of these tests! Let’s dive in. (Juniors, this is your Step #1)

There’s so much talk about these tests but a lot of time, people don’t know what they are used for. The SAT & ACT test have many purposes.

  1. If you are applying to any 4 year school in the U.S., you will need 3 things to have a complete application: 1) application, 2) school transcript and 3) test scores. (TEST SCORES ARE REQUIRED)
  2. These tests are used by the colleges to show whether the student can handle college level courses.
  3. They are used for scholarships.
  4. Your score on this test can exempt you from other required tests like the TSI (Texas Success Initiative)

Why do I encourage students to take these tests as Juniors? Because the timeline for each test is very long.

College application deadlines start as early as October. If you wait to test until Senior year, there are only 2 test dates (August (usually before school starts) and September) that will make these deadlines.


A common question I get asked from students & parents is, “What is the difference between the two?” So there are a couple of big differences between them.

SAT = Scholastic Assessment Test

  • This test covers READING, WRITING, & MATH.
  • Grading scale is from 400 – 1600
  • You register online at

ACT = American College Testing

  • This test covers: READING, WRITING, MATH & SCIENCE.
  • Grading scale is from 1-36
  • You register online at

And this is where we will wrap up for post 1! Post 2 will be coming soon.

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