Quick Timeline Update

Hi! Life, work, computer problems….etc. etc. Sorry again.

I just wanted to drop by and write a quick post on the order of doing things in the college application process. Working with my students I’ve noticed that they are so worried about applying for Financial Aid and scholarships but not actually applying to college.

What I want for you to follow:

  1. Apply to college(s)
  2. Apply for Financial Aid
  3. Apply for scholarships

Why do I suggest this order? Because the colleges need to make a file on you. How do they make this file? They create this file with the information from the college application.

From there, they use your SSN to match up the financial aid, test scores, etc. with your account. If you send that information BEFORE you apply to that school, it will just be in holding until you send the college application. Even then, it might not be matched up right away after they create a file on you.

Also, let’s say you get awarded a scholarship. What good will that do if you aren’t accepted to a college yet? Where are you going to use it?

All this means, wasted time and chances that you admission/financial aid offers can be delayed. So I highly suggest that you apply to college first, and send the supplemental information second.

Reminder: Financial Aid opened up on Oct. 1. If you haven’t applied to college of FAFSA, I suggest you get to it. Opportunities and deadlines are passing you by.

If you need help, email me at lacollegeadvisor@gmail.com.